Organic burgers in Salzburg

Bio Burgermeister

In the historic district of Salzburg there is a little place that is dedicated to making delicious organic burgers. The ‘Bio Burger Meister’ or the masters of making organic burgers, is a certified organic restaurant. The menu offers an impressive array of freshly prepared burgers. Well-known burgers, such as a classic Cheeseburger can be found as well as more exotic burger options such as the ‘BioKahuna Burger’. The ‘BioBurger Meister’ also offer a vast range of vegetarian options, and even two vegan burgers.

Bio Burgermeister

Bio Burgermeister

Everything that comes out of the kitchen is 100% organic. And you can taste the difference! The meat was the true highlight, juicy and perfectly medium roasted inside a crunchy yet soft brioche-like bun, topped with delicious homemade ketchup (and mayonnaise if you like). Instead of the usual fries, the restaurant serves homemade,  organic (of course!) chips. Even the lemonades available are organic.

bio burgermeister


The presentation of the burgers is very rustic as everything is served on paper plates and the ambience in the restaurant is very laid back. You order your burger at the counter and pick it up when it is ready.

The burger tasted amazing! Definitely one of the best burgers I’ve ever had in Austria. Although, the bun-beef patty ratio could be better and they were a bit too generous with the salt for my taste. I would definitely recommend this place whenever you are in Salzburg and fancy a nice and delicious burger.


A standard organic burger is available for €4,50 and chips for €2,90. You have to be lucky to get a seat as there are only 5 tables, but all burgers are also available for take out.

After having devoured our burgers we had a nice coffee on the terrace of the Stein Hotel bar where the view was simply spectacular. Fun fact: A scene of the movie ‘Knight & Day’ with Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise was actually shot at this hotel ;)


Happy Monday! I hope you have a nice start to the week!


Xo Vicki

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