Bar Boulud – BB Burger

My boyfriend and I were very fortunate to be invited by our lovely friends to Bar Boulud at the Mandarin Oriental in London. Daniel Boulud is one of the most famous chefs in the world and I’ve heard amazing things about his restaurants. I was really excited to try the food.

IMG_3076 I started off with the grilled scallops with lemongrass, sweet pea purée and a crunchy salad with peanuts. They were incredible and the dressing of the salad was so delicious!

IMG_3075 I tried the ‘Tunisienne’ sausage from my friend, a spicy lamb sausage on mint couscous and pepper stew. I’m usually not a fan of sausages but this one tasted amazing.

IMG_3080 Now to the main attraction, the famous BB Burger. Drumroll please. It has a beef patty WITH foie gras AND red wine braised short ribs. It must be the epitome of a burger. It tasted even better than it sounded on the menu, if that is possible. The bun was perfect, strong enough to hold all that beautiful meat. Topped with truffle frisée and tomato confit, it was simply a dream. It is definitely an American classic with a French twist.

I was a good girl and ordered grilled asparagus as a side and only stole a few fries from my bf :P

IMG_3082 For pudding we ordered a selection of dessert. The ‘Coupe Peppermint’ was a chocolate sponge topped with chocolate-mint ice cream and covered by a layer of chocolate. It arrived with hot chocolate sauce to pour over it. I don’t think that you can ever go wrong with chocolate and mint! ;)


The madeleines were my favorite dessert from the selection. They were still warm from the oven and I’ve never had ones before that were so light and fluffy. I could have easily eaten the whole basket by myself.

IMG_3085 The macarons were simply delicious!

If you are a burger lover you should definitely try the BB Burger, I’m still dreaming about this bad boy! :D

Xo Vicki

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