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Beyond organic baby food | in collaboration with Zurück zum Ursprung

zurück zum ursprung babynahrung

Two weeks ago I was invited to the launch of HOFER‘s new range of organic baby food. As a new mom, I was thrilled to see that there is finally organic baby food available that uses pure, local ingredients, above standard organic quality.

Baby food can be a very delicate matter and something that is very personal. Every parent wants to only give the best to their child, starting with their introduction to solid food. It can be very daunting to venture into the world of baby purees, not quite sure where to start. There are a lot of opinions on what to introduce when. When do I know if my baby is ready for food? When should I give my baby meat? When should I give my baby milk? What kind of milk should I give to my baby? These are all questions that kept me up at night.

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Decor/ Events

Löffler Press Day

A little while ago, I was invited for brunch to test out Löffler’s office chairs in their flagship store in Vienna. Löffler is a German manufacturer of innovative and high quality furniture, specializing in office chairs. Mr. Löffler himself collects chairs and has a museum in Reichenschwand with a collection of over 1000 pieces! You can feel that passion right when you walk into the store. 

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A culinary journey with vitaminwater

vitaminwater austria

As you may have seen and heard, vitaminwater is now available in Austria. Yay! I associate vitaminwater with a summer spent in Texas a few years ago. I did a summer program in Austin and my roommate & bestie M. and I would drink vitaminwater to keep us up all night to work on our projects. My favorite was XXX-triple berry with acai, blueberry and pomegranate.

This Monday vitaminwater kindly invited a few blogger for an evening of cooking with the lovely Parvin Razavi. The motto of the evening was “A culinary journey from New York to Vienna”. Parvin came up with something special for us to cook: a proper New York bagel with shredded chicken and cole slaw.  Continue Reading…


LGV Happy Hour

LGV happy hour

Back in August, the Coolinary Society had organized an event for LGV under the motto ‘LGV Happy Hour with the only information given to us that cocktails would be mixed with vegetables. Sounded unusual and I was immediately intrigued!

So I had edited the pictures from the event and written up a few things, but forgot to hit that ‘publish’ button.. So this little post has been waiting in my drafts file to be seen, until now..

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All I Need Press Day

All I need

Last week, I was kindly invited to the press day of the organic Austrian brand all i need.

all i need is a sparkling green tea beverage with super fruits (açaí and aronia berries) and lightly sweetened with agave syrup, with a very powerful message. All ingredients are organically grown and fairly traded. 

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