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lugeck figlmüller

A few weeks ago,  I was invited to a lovely event at Figlmüller’s newest restaurant Lugeck. Figlmüller is most famous for its Wiener Schnitzel. If you are coming to Vienna, a visit is definitely a must. Their newest addition, Lugeck offers Austrian cuisine in a modern ambience. It is a revival of the Viennese pub culture (“Wirtshauskultur”), serving traditional Austrian dishes with a modern twist.  A few bloggers and I were able to take a peek inside the kitchen and see how beef tartar and poppyseed dumplings with a white chocolate and jam center were prepared. I love looking over the shoulders of the pros. There always are some useful tips and tricks to pick up, that make cooking at home a lot easier! 

lugeck figlmüller The interior of the restaurant combines modern elements while preserving traditional features to Viennese pubs. All tables have a checkered tabletop instead of the original checkered tablecloths. The traditional pub color green is also integrated in the decor, reinterpreted  in a lighter and softer green color throughout the restaurant. 

lugeck figlmüller lugeck figlmüller lugeck figlmüller beef tartar lugeck figlmueller fried capers lugeck figlmueller caper butter The finished beef tartar with caper butter and pickled vegetables. I’m not a fan of raw meat but it was beautifully presented and looked really good.  lugeck figlmueller beef tartar Since I am more into sweets, I was impressed how they made the “Topfenknödel” (sweet quark cheese dumplings). They used an ice-cream scoop to portion the dumplings, and this is such a great idea! And makes forming them so much easier, which is always such a messy thing. lugeck figlmueller mohn topfenknödel After the “work”, it was time for the taste test!

Lugeck serves their own range of organic fizzy pops. I tried the one with hay, which funnily enough really tasted like hay but in a good, refreshing way! lugeck figlmüller herr frischend For the main course, I ordered a steak sandwich in a potato bun with red cabbage salad, which was amazing! Pink, juicy meat between a brioche-like bun on a perfectly dressed salad.  lugeck figlmueller beiried sandwich For dessert, we got to taste the finished poppyseed dumplings filled with a white chocolate and jam center. An eye-catching dessert that tasted delicious! lugeck figlmueller mohn topfenknödel lugeck figlmüller My highlight of the menu was definitely the steak sandwich. I even came back the next week to have it again! ;)

If you want to experience Austrian cuisine in a modern setting, I really recommend Lugeck, which is also conveniently located in the city center. 

Xo Vicki

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