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Chocolate Chip Cookie Shots

chocolate chip cookie shots

Cookies and milk are an unbeatable combination when it comes to an afternoon (or even a midnight) snack. Dominique Ansel, who also invented the Cronut™, came up with this genius creation that incorporates both into one golden, crispy dessert. The Chocolate Chip Cookie Shot is a chocolate chip cookie shaped like a shot glass. The scrumptious exterior consists of chocolate chip cookie dough, baked to perfection. The insides are brushed with melted chocolate, making the cookie shot sturdy enough to hold delicious organic milk.

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Christmas/ Cookies/ One Bowl/ Sweets

DAY 15: Chocolate crinkle cookies

I made chocolate crinkle cookies for the first time this year and I’m positive that they will be included in my permanent Christmas cookie repertoire from now on! I do not only love how these cookies taste (the chewy, chocolaty flavor) but I also love how they look! Chocolate crinkle cookies make me think of chocolate cookies that were forgotten outside when it snowed. All you chocolate lovers out there should definitely try them! They look as cute as they are addictive.

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Christmas/ Cookies/ Sweets

DAY 13: Thumbprint cookies

These thumbprint cookies are buttery soft and crumbly. Plus they have the perfect ratio of cookie dough and jam. The dough itself is not very sweet which complements well the tangy yet sweet taste of the jam. And the dark rum flavor adds a little something.

Thumbprint cookies are very easy to make and even if your ‘thumbprint’ is not perfect, once they are baked and filled you won’t even notice it. If however you are like me, eat the ones that you find have imperfections ;) That is my personal rule!

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