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DAY 10: Gingerbread cookies

It is day 10 of my recipe baking marathon and today I’m sharing with you my favorite Gingerbread cookie recipe. Over the years, my mom and I tried a lot of gingerbread cookie recipes and they all tasted good but the cookies would get very hard and crispy within a few days of making them, even with apple slices put in the cookie jars. But it won’t happen with this recipe, your gingerbread cookies will stay soft for up to 4 weeks! And your house will smell like Christmas :)

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Christmas/ Cookies/ Sweets

DAY 8: Vanilla Crescents

If I had to think of only one Christmas cookie recipe that is typically Austrian, it would be vanilla crescents or ‘Vanillekipferl’ as we call them in Austria. I couldn’t imagine Christmas without those delicious cookies from my grandmother’s recipe.

I remember when I was little and my grandmother used to make them, shaping the dough into the perfect crescents and I was always in charge of cutting the log into identical pieces. She never let me shape the dough because it had to be perfect. She made the perfectly shaped ‘Vanillekipferl’.

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