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My culinary journey through Florida

Unfortunately, it is already time to go home for me, but these last two weeks have been amazing. And I’m reminiscing about all the great food I had, so here are a few pictures about my favorites.

When I’m in the States, I always have to go to P.F. Chang’s at least once.

For starters I was having the prawn dumplings and the chicken lettuce wraps.IMG_0924


Mongolian beef cooked with scallions and garlic. This picture doesn’t do its justice, but we were all really hungry and I quickly snapped it with my phone.

Homemade burgers with beef patties from Whole Foods.IMG_0958

Blueberry pancakes for breakfast. Mmmh!IMG_0972

Dairy Queen’s dipped cone is to die for!IMG_0977

I love frozen yoghurt and Pinkberry’s Pomegranate is my favorite.IMG_1020

If only baking chocolate chip cookies could always be this easy. IMG_1015

And so good!IMG_1207

It was truly an amazing experience to see how donuts are made at Krispy Kreme. I could stare at the ‘donut-glazing-machine’ all day long, it is so beautiful :DIMG_1212


And yum! Donuts never taste this good in Europe. I could eat this everyday, especially the Boston Creme ones!

On our last day we went to the Outback Steakhouse, where we had a truly American experience. I licked all my fingers after I was done with these babies.IMG_1256Hershey’s cookies’n’creme, my favorite chocolate! I had to bring a few bars with me back home.

I am truly sad to be leaving tomorrow. It has been such a nice and relaxing vacation, but on the other hand I am really excited what is about to come in the next weeks as I will be moving to London for the next year.

Xo Vicki

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