Zotter chocolate factory tour

While my friend was visiting me in Vienna, we also did a day trip to Bergl, Styria to visit the famous Zotter chocolate factory. All hand-scooped chocolates are produced organically and are fair-trade. Zotter chocolates are well-known for their unusual combinations of flavors. You can find creations from orange and balsamic vinegar to caramelized bacon. At the chocolate tour you are able to taste from all varieties and as much as you want!! And you are able to learn about the process of making chocolate. Have I convinced you yet? ;)

Before the beginning of the tour, you get an audio guide, a tasting spoon and a little notebook where you can take notes of your favorite chocolates (there is a shop at the end). The tour starts with a short film about the origins of cocoa beans and how Zotter acquire their beans. With the audio guide you can walk at your own pace and listen to the bits that interest you about the process of producing chocolate. I must admit I listened to a few but then went straight to tasting all the different kinds of chocolates.




The tasting tour started with sampling actual cocoa beans, followed by trying 100 percent, raw liquid chocolate. I wasn’t really a fan of it.

The next stage consisted of trying powdered chocolate, ranging from 100 percent to 40 percent (white chocolate).


IMG_0416 My favorite part was sampling warm, liquid chocolate from the chocolate fountains, ranging from dark, bitter to sweet, milky white chocolate.






After that we were able to taste the actual chocolate bars, again as much as we wanted!


White chocolate with strawberries, yes please!

IMG_0427 Packaging station at the factory

IMG_0432 If by now you haven’t had enough chocolate, move over to the hot chocolate bar. Sounds like a dream come true, right?

IMG_0429 In a ski lift (we are in Austria after all), varieties of chocolates are moving around you, waiting for you to pick one. I chose white chocolate with vanilla and almonds, it tasted divine!



More samples… IMG_0438

IMG_0443 And some more…

At the end of the tour, there is a gift shop where you can buy all the chocolates you just sampled. To be honest, we were so stuffed that we couldn’t even think about buying chocolate. As we were walking rolling out of the shop we had a stroll around the farm.


IMG_0445 At the ‘Cemetery of Ideas’, gravestones are set for past chocolate varieties.




Back in the car we were craving something salty and devoured a pack of chips, not the healthiest option after all that chocolate…

It is definitely worth a visit for all chocolate lovers. The admission is reasonable at € 13,90 for adults, I would recommend reserving your place online. The best tip I can give you is not eating too much at each of the stations as there is always more to come! And stay hydrated! It feels like a chocolate marathon :)

Xo Vicki

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