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My favorite things to do in Oxford

I thought I’ll give you guys an insight of my favorite places and things to do in Oxford.

First of all there is Ben’s Cookies in Oxford’s Covered Market. I love to go there and indulge in one of their freshly baked treats (as if I could stop at one!). They have the best cookies I have ever tasted! They are soft and chewy on the inside and have a cake-like consistency. The chunks of chocolate melt in your mouth even if they are cold! The best thing is to go to their shop and ask which ones are still warm from the oven. But I must warn you, eating them warm will get quite messy (chocolate running through your fingers and cookie crumbs all over). Nevertheless, you will thank me later as you will have THE best cookie-eating-experience :D

Even after trying them all, several times, I still cannot decide which one is my favorite. I always order the white chocolate chunk, the triple chocolate chunk and the milk chocolate chunk.

ben's cookies

ben's cookiesIf you are going to the UK, I highly recommend stopping by at one of their shops and trying these chocolate monsters :)

I have tried a lot of recipes and they were all great chocolate chip cookie recipes, but none of them came close to the texture and melt-in-your-mouth-feeling of Ben’s.

After you feel like you are about to burst (but in a good way), head over to Blackwells on Broad Street, Oxford’s largest bookshop, to devour a book while enjoying a cup of coffee or tea, since we are in England ;)

blackwells What I love about Blackwells is that it still has the character of an old book shop, while offering the same services as do big chains. There is a Caffé Nero inside and they let you read the books while enjoying a refreshment. Blackwells feels like one of Oxford’s local treasures that needs to be preserved. I can spend hours in this shop!

Blackwells Oxford“Studying” Pinterest and I am not ashamed to admit that I am addicted! You can find me here.

So this is basically what my perfect lazy day would look like :)

Xo Vicki


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