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Beyond organic baby food | in collaboration with Zurück zum Ursprung

zurück zum ursprung babynahrung

Two weeks ago I was invited to the launch of HOFER‘s new range of organic baby food. As a new mom, I was thrilled to see that there is finally organic baby food available that uses pure, local ingredients, above standard organic quality.

Baby food can be a very delicate matter and something that is very personal. Every parent wants to only give the best to their child, starting with their introduction to solid food. It can be very daunting to venture into the world of baby purees, not quite sure where to start. There are a lot of opinions on what to introduce when. When do I know if my baby is ready for food? When should I give my baby meat? When should I give my baby milk? What kind of milk should I give to my baby? These are all questions that kept me up at night.

I knew I wanted to cook for Valentin from the start. I started with simple purees like carrot, sweet potato, and pumpkin, then ventured out to try different combinations of two or more fruit and vegetable purees. I cooked his food two or three times a week and froze the purees in little portions. It worked perfectly until we went on our first vacation to South Tyrol in a hotel, where I knew that my cooking utensils would be limited to a kettle. So I started doing my research on the best baby food that one could buy.

The most important criterion for me is that baby food is organic. Second and nonetheless important is the regionality of the ingredients, something that I have considered to be very important when cooking Valentin’s food myself. I want to know where the ingredients come from and support sustainable food production. Unfortunately, I quickly realized that there wasn’t baby food made in Austria, until now!

Sustainable baby food that goes beyond organic standards

HOFER has rolled out a range of Zurück zum Ursprung organic baby food that goes beyond EU Organic Standards. Before even attending the event, I bought some of the jars to try them out and Valentin has loved them all! His favorites include “Bio-Gartengemüse mit Dinkelvollkornnudeln”, “Bio-Müsli mit Apfel und Birne” and I make him the “Bio-Dinkelvollkorn Getreidebrei” in the morning with a mix of pureed apples, pears, and pumpkin.

As of now, the assortment includes 13 different jars of vegetables, fruits, and main meals, 4 kinds of cereals and a range of formula milk. All products can be distinguished between 4 age groups, that are easily recognizable with cute illustrated animals and color codes on each jar. 

What makes this baby food brand stand out is that all ingredients can be traced back to the farmer. The complete range is also free from added sugar, salt additives, without added aromas and free from palm oil. Zurück zum Ursprung offers the first milk formula that is free from palm oil in Austria. 

Time has flown by and now my sweet Valentin is over 8 months old and you can already say that he is turning out to be a little foodie. While I still cook almost all of his meals, there have been many situations where pre-made baby purees come in handy. There were times when I have simply forgotten to take a meal out of the freezer, it happens in the life of a mom! For these situations, I want to give him the best organic readily made baby food purees. Since HOFER has kindly sent us home with a generous supply of the new products, I’m now prepared for future trips and flights!

Have you had a chance to try the new Zurück zum Ursprung baby food products, I would love to hear your thoughts! I’m curious to try more of their baby cereals, which I love to eat myself in the morning ;-)

Xo Vicki

Hofer Bio Babynahrung

Hofer Bio Babynahrung

Hofer Bio Babynahrung

zurueck zum Ursprung Babynahrung zurueck zum Ursprung Babynahrung zurueck zum Ursprung Babynahrung
* in collaboration with HOFER

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