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Marzipan Pumpkin Seed Rolls

marzipan pumpkin seed rolls

Have you ever tried marzipan in combination with ground pumpkin seeds? If not you are missing out! Marzipan Pumpkin Seed Rolls are a scrumptious Austrian twist on classic cinnamon rolls. My mom invented these sweet, fluffy rolls, with a perfectly sweet filling made of ground pumpkin seeds and marzipan. The pumpkin seeds give the rolls a subtle nutty aroma and the marzipan lends the perfect amount of sweetness. I don’t know why they haven’t become a Styrian classic yet!  Continue Reading…


Zotter chocolate factory tour

While my friend was visiting me in Vienna, we also did a day trip to Bergl, Styria to visit the famous Zotter chocolate factory. All hand-scooped chocolates are produced organically and are fair-trade. Zotter chocolates are well-known for their unusual combinations of flavors. You can find creations from orange and balsamic vinegar to caramelized bacon. At the chocolate tour you are able to taste from all varieties and as much as you want!! And you are able to learn about the process of making chocolate. Have I convinced you yet? ;)

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