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Travel with me: Chicago #1

chicago magnificient mile

Hello lovely people! I’m back home from my amazing trip and finally ready to share with you my memories in a new travel series.

Before beginning our road trip along the coast of Southern California, we made a stop in Chicago. Neither one of us had been to the “Windy City” before and we were eager to explore it. On Saturday it will be almost a month since I have landed in Chicago. Thankfully I have kept (at least started) a travel diary, writing down all the places we have seen along the way so that now I can relive the moments with you in pictures.

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Cakes/ Christmas/ Sweets

DAY 17: Gingerbread cake bars

The pink rum glaze of these gingerbread cake bars can usually be found on a typical Austrian dessert, ‘Punschkrapfen’. Inspired by this dessert, but wanting to make it more Christmas appropriate, I made a Gingerbread spiced cake, brushed with apricot jam and glazed with homemade rum glaze. Stressing homemade because I would normally just buy the ready-made glaze from Manner. Determined to recreate the store-bought glaze, I think I came pretty close in imitating the color and taste. Plus, it is more helpful if you want to try the recipe and can’t get your hands on the store-bought glaze.

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Christmas/ Cookies/ One Bowl/ Sweets

DAY 15: Chocolate crinkle cookies

I made chocolate crinkle cookies for the first time this year and I’m positive that they will be included in my permanent Christmas cookie repertoire from now on! I do not only love how these cookies taste (the chewy, chocolaty flavor) but I also love how they look! Chocolate crinkle cookies make me think of chocolate cookies that were forgotten outside when it snowed. All you chocolate lovers out there should definitely try them! They look as cute as they are addictive.

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Christmas/ One Bowl/ Sweets

DAY 11: Eggnog cake donuts

I have a confession to make: I don’t like eggnog… on its own at least. I would never drink a cup of eggnog. I do however love the taste of eggnog in cakes, cupcakes, muffins and donuts of course. And there is something about mini donuts, that make them taste even better than regular donuts. Maybe it is the fact that you won’t feel as guilty when you eat more than you should.

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