London Food Market Adventures

Today my boyfriend and I wanted to try a new food market in London and we had heard only good things about Broadway Market in Hackney. Broadway Market is actually not only a food market, you can find everything from olives to vintage clothing.

On our way to the Broadway Market, we passed another tiny market on Westgate Street so of course we had to stop and check it out. And thank god we did! Netil Market itself was very cozy with only a few stalls and the vibe very ‘hipsterish’, if you know what I mean. We really enjoyed it!

IMG_2423 2

Btw I have bangs since a few days :)




So back to the food, we first tried the Italian stand “Cooking Cooks” and went for the ravioli alla Napoletana.



It was seriously the best ravioli we have ever eaten! They were filled with ricotta, mascarpone and parmesan cheese and topped with a delicious tomato sauce with cherry tomatoes. Mmh I could eat this every day!



Doesn’t this ‘shake bus’ just look adorable? Next time I’ll try the Oreo shake for sure!


The lovely girl from “Cast Iron Kitchen” started questioning us about our down jackets because we were both ‘rocking’ our light down parkas from Uniqlo, followed by a quick chat about her love of the movie “Sound of Music” because we told her we were Austrian. That’s why I love London! Only here would strangers quiz you about the benefits of your jacket :) Oh and the Scottish steak sandwich was delicious! (sorry for not taking a photo).


Once we finally made it to the Broadway Market, I tried a risotto with wild mushrooms, truffle oil and rocket salad and it was really nice but I was missing something. Or maybe I was just too spoiled after the amazing pasta.





Next time I’m there I want to try this Vietnamese stand. The Pho looked really yummy!


I must admit after Netil market I was a bit disappointed with Broadway Market. I think Broadway Market is really nice to shop for fresh food, but to eat  I would rather recommend Netil market.

After three amazing meals we walked through Victoria Park until we stopped for coffee at the Pavilion Café. It is a nice café where you can grab brunch or lunch and the food comes from local, organic farms.



We sat on a bench and enjoyed the view while drinking our coffees…


Xo Vicki 

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