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Bowsessed #2 Wishlist

My second post in my Bowsessed series is about all the pretty things with a bow that I have been lusting over on the Internet. 

The Kate Spade bag would be such a nice all-round summer tote bag. Casual and chic at the same time. I am secretly waiting for this one to go on sale ;)

I have also really fallen for the bow pillow from Caitlin Wilson, who I have found through Instagram. She has the most amazing fabrics in her online store!

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Bowsessed #1

I want to start a new series on the blog, that may be quite obvious. Bowsessed has been lacking on the bow front lately which I can’t quite understand, because when I look into my room/closet I could easily point at 50 things that have a bow on it! So starting this week I will be posting either a bow-themed item from my personal collection or one from my current wish list every week (which will probably further feed my bowsession).

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Himalayan Detox Salts by Therapie (Review)

Himalayan detox salts

A little while ago I got for my mom the Himalayan Detox Bath Salts from Therapie. She has sleeping issues and I thought the bath salts could be a natural alternative to help her combat her insomnia. At first my mom was very skeptical to say the least, but after using them she loved the bath salts so much she wanted me to try them as well. After trying them myself I had the deepest night’s sleep and felt so relaxed in the morning. My mom attested that she woke up less times during the night and felt calm, balanced and energized in the morning. 

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Beverages/ Healthy/ Vegan

Got Almond Milk?

For my first post of 2014, I wanted to write about a healthy DIY to help all of us staying on track with our new year’s resolutions because haven’t we all made some health and fitness-related resolutions back in good old 2013?! ;)

I like researching how to make my own ‘food’. First of all it gives me a great deal of satisfaction knowing that I am not dependent on a supermarket, a brand or a company (yes I’m talking about you Nutella!). Most of the time it is healthier and does not contain any nasties. And in 99.9% of the cases it tastes much better than store bought! 

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