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Pumpkin Pie with Marzipan

pumpkin pie with marzipan

I had my first pumpin pie last year in New York at my very first Thanksgiving dinner. Since then I wanted to recreate my own. With pumpkin season finally upon us, it seemed perfect to create my own pumpkin pie recipe and giving a beloved classic a little twist: Pumpkin Pie with Marzipan!

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Cookies/ Sweets

Chocolate Chip Cookie Shots

chocolate chip cookie shots

Cookies and milk are an unbeatable combination when it comes to an afternoon (or even a midnight) snack. Dominique Ansel, who also invented the Cronut™, came up with this genius creation that incorporates both into one golden, crispy dessert. The Chocolate Chip Cookie Shot is a chocolate chip cookie shaped like a shot glass. The scrumptious exterior consists of chocolate chip cookie dough, baked to perfection. The insides are brushed with melted chocolate, making the cookie shot sturdy enough to hold delicious organic milk.

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Cakes/ Christmas/ Sweets

DAY 24: My first gingerbread house!


I hope you are spending a lovely day with your families and friends!

I made my very first gingerbread house! I wanted to do one for so long and this year I finally made one. I would love to tell that it was super easy to make it, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. It took me hours, endless batches of icing and I was on the verge of throwing everything away when my house collapsed for the fifth time. But then my boyfriend saved the day as he realized that I built it wrong!  Please don’t ask how it possible to build a gingerbread house wrong, but I managed to do just that… All in all it was quite messy but I’m proud of my little house!

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