Lazy pool day

We are back in the States. I’m vacationing with my parents in Florida and we are all so happy to be back.

Unfortunately, I got the flue the first days we arrived, so I’ve been recovering, not really being able to enjoy the heat. But now I am fit again and can finally enjoy the pool.

The weather is perfect, sizzling hot every day. We are able to relive summer in September.


We became friends with this little, furry fellow over the last week. He stops by every morning to collect his nuts. To be honest it is a one-way relationship, but it’s fine, I mean who could say no to those little eyes.



 My breakfast consisted of my favorite frozen yogurt, Pinkberry! Topped with some fresh fruit.

After having fed all family members, we spent most of the day at the pool, where I tried perfecting my dive.


IMG_2097 Too much splashing..



Well it still wasn’t perfect. But it was time to get out of the water to do some shopping. Grocery shopping that is! But grocery shopping is so much more fun in the States than back home.

IMG_4400 The mothership :P

IMG_2104 As we drove home, we saw the clouds turning pink from the sun. It was a beautiful ending to a lazy day.

Xo Vicki

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