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Fantasy of Flights & Pulled Pork Sandwich

Fantasy of Flight is an aircraft museum in Polk City, Florida, containing the largest private collection of vintage planes. The founder Kermit Weeks searches for rare, vintage airplanes around the world and restores them to flyable condition.


I was ready to go with my favorite Tazo iced tea, feeling so American with my huge cup ;)

They offer guided tours or you can just explore the airplanes on your own, like I did.

IMG_2108 I remember that this one was nicknamed ‘Dumbo’.



I was re-enacting an old Hollywood Star exiting her plane :D

IMG_2148 You can even ‘play’ in some of the planes.

IMG_2141 They also had an aerial demonstration which was pretty cool.

IMG_2157 Now this would be my kind of plane! ;)

IMG_2158 For those of you who have watched ‘Planes’ will recognize this one, it’s ‘Skipper Riley’. ;)


IMG_4453 Can you?


It was very inspirational to learn about the history of female aviators who have shattered stereotypes and pursued their dreams.


I found this dress in the gift shop and it was just too funny not to post it!

By the time we left it was around 4 pm and lunch was long overdue! My dad has been raving about the best pulled pork sandwich he had a few years ago in Winter Haven, so we had to check the place out.


At first I was a bit skeptical… IMG_4477

IMG_4471 The outside didn’t look that inviting, I would probably have never driven into the parking lot.

IMG_4470 The smokehouse, where the ‘magic’ happens.

IMG_4466 The inside reminded me very much of a Tex-Mex place in Texas, it has its own charm. If you are looking for something fancy, this won’t be the place for you. You won’t be eating off China here! :P But if you want to experience a truly incredible pulled pork sandwich, then come on in and enjoy!



The ‘AKA’ sandwich, as they call it, was the perfect combination of smokey and sweet with a drizzle of homemade barbecue sauce. The meat almost melted in my mouth and the barbecue sauce tasted nothing like the stuff you can buy in the supermarket. I love me some mac’n’ cheese and am a firm believer that everything is better with a side of mac’ n’ cheese. The chips were a bonus!

The service was also very attentive and friendly. If you are ever around Orlando, it is definitely worth the drive! You can find them here.

Xo Vicki


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