Jouer Blushing Beauty Collection

I first discovered Jouer Cosmetics on CultBeauty and loved the whole concept about it. I like that Jouer has a very natural color range, as you won’t see a color in the collection that you wouldn’t find in nature. And the coolest thing about their products is that you can ‘play’ with them. You can assemble your own individual palettes by interlocking them together, just like Lego.

The blushing beauty collection seemed like the perfect opportunity to try out a few Jouer products at once. And it looked so pretty that I couldn’t resist! However, I must admit I did not only buy the blushing beauty collection but also a lip sheer and an eyeshadow crayon.

Jouer Blushing Beauty

Jouer Blushing Beauty

The blushing beauty collection consists of these lovely products:

• Mattifying translucent power + matte bronzer in honey

• Peach matte + shimmering chocolate eyeshadow

• Shimmering golden pink tint + shimmering pink champagne highlighter

• Lipgloss in cherish

I love that you look naturally beautiful with this set, not overdone. Just you on a really good day!

Jouer Blushing Beauty

The products in detail:

Jouer translucent powder and bronzer


The powder is ok, it is a nice translucent powder and gives a matte finish but I’m not sure if I would repurchase it. I really liked the bronzer, though. It has a subtle shimmer to it, and it is very easy to use as I’m not a bronzing expert! I must admit I would have preferred to have more of the bronzer instead of the powder, as it was a bit tricky to get enough product of the bronzer onto a big fluffy brush.

Jouer eyeshadow


The eyeshadow duo is perfect to create a natural look. The peach matte tone can be used as a base and the shimmering chocolate brown color to define the crease of the eye and give it more dimension. The eyeshadows are satin-like, apply smoothly and easy to blend.

Jouer tint & highlighter


Now this duo was one of my favorites from the collection. I love using the tint as a creamy blush, which gives my cheeks a nice peachy glow. Or you can also dab it onto your lips with a lip moisturizer underneath. The highlighter is equally versatile. I like using it in the inner corners of my eyes to make them look more bright and awake. It is also perfect as an eyeshadow base or on its own all over the lid.

Jouer lipgloss in Cherish


The formula of this lipgloss is amazing! It is very hydrating and not sticky at all. The color spreads evenly on the lips It looks more peachy in real life than it does on my lips. It is more of a shimmering rosy color (see the swatches below), so if you are looking for coral lipgloss this is not it.

Jouer eyeshadow crayon in Rococo


I also picked this creamy eyeshadow stick in a beautiful shimmering champagne color. It is perfect for a nice every day look and easy to use. Just swipe it on your eyelids and blend it with your finger, it looks just lovely.

Jouer lip sheer in Maui


The lip sheer is perfect for summer as it has SPF 15. The formula is very moisturizing, like a lip balm, while also giving your lips a nice hint of color. The color I chose is a beautiful pink nude, which gives your lips just a little something extra. The lip sheer also looks great underneath the cherish lipgloss!                                   For my next purchase from Jouer I want to try a more reddish tone.

Here are the swatches:

swatches jouer.001

 1. Mattifying translucent powder • 2. matte bronzer in honey • 3. peach matte eyeshadow • 4. shimmering chocolate eyeshadow • 5. crème eyeshadow crayon in rococo • 6. shimmering golden pink tint • 7. shimmering pink champagne highlighter • 8. cherish lip gloss • 9. lip sheer in maui

IMG_4635 Cherish lip gloss


Jouer Blushing Beauty

The only thing I was a bit disappointed with was the size of the blushing beauty collection. They are tiny! They will be great for traveling though as all the products from the blushing beauty collection can be assembled together. But that’s about it for my critique!

If you purchase from their website you get 50% off your first purchase, when you sign up for their newsletter. If you live in Europe it is available from CultBeauty.

My next purchase from Jouer? The luminizing moisture tint. I fell in love with it, while trying the samples that came with my purchase. It gives you a perfect complexion while not feeling like a heavy foundation on your skin. Plus it has SPF 20 and is oil-free.

Overall, my favorites from the collection were the highlighter and tint duo and the lipgloss. I would definitely repurchase those!

Well played Jouer, you’ve got me hooked ;)

Jouer Blushing Beauty

 Xo Vicki 

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