ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Hopefully you have all heard about ALS by now. In case you are still wondering what ALS does, it is a progressive neuromuscular disease. It attacks nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord. Patients lose control of their movements and eventually become paralyzed, while still being fully conscious.

Unfortunately, this terrifying disease has been underfunded because it has been deemed “unprofitable”. That is why a campaign was initiated, challenging people to do the ice bucket challenge, to raise awareness and money for research.

I’ve talked to a lot of people about ALS and the ice bucket challenge. Unfortunately, there are still many who think that ALS is not a cause worth “investing” because chances are slim that a cure will be found. To those I say, think about if a loved one was diagnosed with this terrifying disease, would you still think of it the same way?

And for those who feel that there have already been enough people who have done the challenge, I say, every person who raises awareness by doing it and donating whatever they can, matters. Every single person who does it may bring us one step closer to cure ALS.

Antony Carbajal inspired me to do the ice bucket challenge. He is such a strong and brave person, being diagnosed with ALS himself. Of all the ice bucket challenges, you have to watch his: 

His video is an important reminder why thousands of people are dumping ice cold water over their heads. And why we shouldn’t stop until a treatment or cure is found! With every ice bucket challenge we are giving new hope to people who are affected by ALS. 

If you have been thinking of taking the ice bucket challenge, do it! In the words of a very smart women at a recent speech:

“If not me, who, if not now, when?” (Emma Watson)

To donate or find out more about ALS, visit

Xo Vicki

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