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Shrimp (Rock N’) Rolls

shrimp rock n' rolls

It is officially summer now and the hottest days are yet to come. A lot of times when it’s hot outside, I don’t feel like having a heavy dinner, but am also not satisfied with just a salad. For those days, I have a light, low-carb dinner alternative for you: Shrimp (Rock N’) Rolls.

Filled full of veggies, these light shrimp rolls are perfect on their own or with a salad on the side. Shrimp (Rock N’) Rolls are my take on Vietnamese spring rolls. These are more coconutty and juicier. I’ve filled mine with a coconut shrimp curry that I’ve cooked before and added some cashews roasted in dark sesame oil for a bit of crunch. 

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Breakfast/ Healthy

Homemade Almond Granola

homemade almond granola

Sorry for the lack of posts lately I don’t really know what my excuse is, I guess I have just been catching up with life in general… Nevertheless my to-do list does not seem to be getting shorter. Anyways.

The bikini season is almost upon us, even though the recent drop in temperatures (again!) might not seem like it. I’m still trying to motivate myself to get into shape and with all the rain it has been very hard these past weeks. What I have been doing is trying to eat healthier and not skipping breakfast which unfortunately I like to do a lot. I’m sure you have heard it a million times: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! For me breakfast has to be quick, easy and delicious.

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Skinny Coconut Shrimp

skinny coconut shrimp

I’ve got a new kitchen toy: an Airfryer. It is a mini oven that uses hot circulating air to cook food and you need little to no oil. Every participant received one at the Food Camp last week.

At first I was a bit skeptical. Do I really need another kitchen appliance just to be able to cook the perfect fries? But after reading the manual and recipe book I realized the Airfryer can so much more than faux-frying, as I like to call it. It is more like a mini oven making it possible to roast, grill and bake as well. And I got really excited to try it out. 

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Vicki Sponge Cake

Victoria Sponge Cake

Today I will be sharing with you my version of a British classic, the Victoria Sponge Cake. It is a very simple cake, traditionally consisting of a fluffy sponge, filled with jam and whipped cream or buttercream. My problem: I don’t like whipped cream or buttercream. Whipped cream is something I’ve never been a fan of. In my opinion it doesn’t taste like much and I would never order whipped cream on top of ice cream or hot chocolate. And buttercream to me tastes as if you would take a bite of a stick of butter, drenched in lots of sugar. So you can see my dilemma, liking the idea of a British Victoria Sponge Cake but not the actual implementation. 

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Breakfast/ Cakes

Oatmeal Cake

I love oatmeal! I became a fan of it in London where they call it ‘porridge’ and cook the oats with milk to get a creamier texture. But sometimes (actually often) I like to eat cake for breakfast. I’m not a huge breakfast person, I don’t like to eat straight after I’ve woken up. I need my time to wake up in the morning before I’m in the mood to eat. I love brunch, though! I could easily eat pancakes, waffles and cinnamon rolls every day without getting tired of it!

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Christmas/ Cookies/ Sweets

DAY 4: Almond macaroons

Marzipan is one of those ingredients that you either love or hate. At least I’ve never met anyone saying that they tolerated the taste of marzipan in sweets, but were not very fond of it. I love the taste of marzipan! I like to eat it all year around (out of the package I may add!), but somehow the more complex the marzipan figure or sweet is done, the better it tastes! At least this is what I tell myself ;) 

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