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Easy Homemade Caramel Sauce

homemade caramel sauce

Man, it’s cold in Vienna! As much as I hate the cold, fall and winter are the best seasons for baking. So I have been keeping warm in front of my oven. Although, I really hope we didn’t skip fall this year and I’m crossing my fingers for a mild November ;)

But now back to the recipe, that is such a versatile classic, you should make and enjoy it all year around. Whether you want to stir a spoon of it in your coffee, drizzle it on your hot chocolate, mix it in your favorite frosting, pour it over ice cream or simply spoon it out of the jar (my personal favorite!), this Caramel Sauce will be your sweet companion all year long! Continue Reading…

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DAY 19: Caramelized apple muffins with marzipan crumble

I received these very cute cupcake liners and toppers about a year ago as a gift and haven’t used them because I thought they were too cute for baking and then having to throw them away… Yes I’m weird like that! But one of my new years resolution is to actually use the things I have and not saving them anymore. So here there are, finally being used, in all their glory with a delicious caramelized apple batter inside. However, I must admit that I’ve only used four of the cupcake liners, I couldn’t quite get myself to using them all up… well, baby steps! ;)

Continue Reading…