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I finished my last exam on Monday and now I have finally time to enjoy the summertime in London. The weather has been so hot that we wanted to get out and enjoy a different side of London.

We took the train to Richmond, which is a borough in the south west of London. It is a very green, residential area of London, directly located on the Thames.



IMG_1115There was a cricket match in full swing.

IMG_1121Richmond Theatre

We took a walk along the Thames as we were melting away from the heat.



IMG_1147After being strengthened from the ice cream we walked up Richmond Hill and the view from there was spectacular.

IMG_1157Apparently we were not the only ones who wanted to escape the city for a day, as it was quite tricky to find a place to sit down and relax. Off the road from the more ‘touristy’ pubs, however, we found this lovely place (thank you Tripadvisor App ;) ).


The hot weather just called for a jug of Pimm’s ;)


We weren’t really hungry, having eaten as soon as we got off the train at Prêt À Manger, but as soon as we smelled the BBQ we just couldn’t resist a burger.

This juicy burger was one of the best burgers I’ve had! It takes a place in my personal burger hall of fame. And the rosemary fries were so yummy!

I would recommend this place as it is really nice to sit in the pub’s ‘backyard’ and it wasn’t as crowded as the other places we passed. The service was impeccable and waiters really nice as well.

IMG_1165After an amazing lunch/afternoon snack we walked to Richmond Park, where deers are running around freely.


IMG_1178And they get quite close!



IMG_1196Before returning home we were looking at the lovely houses in the area.


IMG_1203And I found a particular one that I liked :)

 I loved exploring another neighborhood of London and am excited to enjoy my last two weeks here before going home and starting writing on my dissertation :(

Xo Vicki

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