Last day in Orlando

On our last day in Orlando, we decided to go to my favorite water park, Aquatica. I was so excited!

IMG_4391 In my opinion, Aquatica is the best water park in Orlando. There is something for everyone. You can relax at the white sand beach, enjoy the thrill of the slides or be lazy and float in a tube on the river. All of this in a beautiful, tropical setting.


Roa’s Rapids is one of my favorites. It is like the lazy river but with speed zones and rapids of course and there are no tubes. Only children are required to wear a life vest, but I would recommend wearing one as it is much more fun. You will be swirling around in the river and don’t let the waterfalls get you! You can float around as long as you want, or use it as a transportation mode to get to the other side of the park.


Another fun ride was Tassie’s Twisters, where you’ll be spun around in a giant bowl until you slide your way out into the lazy river.

IMG_4428 The Dolphin Plunge is supposed to be the most popular ride in the park. In my opinion it is not worth the hype. In theory it is a cool idea to be able to see dolphins while sliding down underwater, in practice, however, it is all over too quickly and you have to be lucky to spot the dolphins swimming around you.


We were one of the last people to leave the park, but the Roa’s Rapids were so much fun that we didn’t want to leave!

My general tips for all water parks in Orlando:

  • Pack as little as possible, try to squeeze everything into one backpack, as the lockers are outrageously small.
  • Wear water shoes. You know why…
  • Don’t forget your sun screen and reapply it throughout the day!
  • Have a big breakfast, then you won’t have to eat so much in the park (food is expensive).
  • Stay hydrated! Bring bottled water with you (any other beverages are not allowed to bring inside).
  • Bring your own towels. Renting them is expensive.


I had to take a picture with our rental car, it was huge!

IMG_2236 And another one because it is so much fun!

In the evening we drove down to Downtown Disney which is an entertainment complex, with shopping and dining.

IMG_4415 Snow White Lego sculpture


Lego Nessie

IMG_4411 We had to stop at the Taco Truck to try some.

IMG_4412 They were decent Tacos but I’ve had better ones. And they were tiny! They look bigger in the picture than they actually were.

We strolled around Downtown Disney until it was time to head home and pack. These past two weeks in Florida have just been so relaxing, I would love to stay for another week! I’m not looking forward to flying home as I’ll have to fly straight to London and hand in my dissertation, which of course isn’t finished yet. I’m facing some long nights writing ahead of me.

Xo Vicki


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