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Raw Carrot Cake

raw carrot cake

Inspired by my favorite healthy snack bar from the UK, Nakd’s “Cashew cookie”, I wanted to create a raw carrot cake version for Easter. Nakd bars are a raw, delicious snack and deliver energy in the form of only natural sugar. And with only a handful of ingredients, it was very easy to recreate my favorite snack bar. I, however, wanted to go one step further and create a raw carrot cake version in the form of little cakes, topped with a creamy frosting. And so my raw and vegan take on a classic dessert was born. Continue Reading…

Gluten-free/ Healthy/ Sweets/ Vegan

Raw & Vegan Brownie Bars

raw vegan brownie bars

Hello 2015! I’m back and wanted to start the new year with a recipe. Even if you are not into new year’s resolutions, you may have over-indulged (like myself) over the holidays. January is the month, most of us are trying to start or get back into a healthy routine. Instead of fighting my sweet cravings I prefer to indulge in a healthy way. For example, with my raw & vegan Brownie Bars.

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Gluten-free/ Sweets

Candy Corn Pudding

candy corn pudding

I already stocked up on Halloween candy while I was in the US (back in September) and you can’t imagine how ready I am to devour it! While supermarkets in Austria are selling Christmas cookies and advent calendars, I have been waiting to eat my Halloween candy. No trick or treating involved, just the candy and I on the couch, that is the plan this year.

This year, I was also able to get my hands on candy corn, a fondant candy made out of corn syrup and sugar, shaped like kernels of corn. While I’m not a big fan of the taste, I love the color combination for Halloween. It is definitely a Halloween must-have. For that reason, I created a Candy Corn pudding lookalike, made out of three different pudding layers: vanilla, mango and coconut.

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Gluten-free/ Sweets

Whipped Nutella

whipped nutella

Today I have something quite special for you to make: Indulge in homemade, decadent whipped Nutella! You can thank me later ;)

Once you have tried homemade Nutella you won’t go back to the store-bought kind. And it is so easy to make! Once you have your hazelnuts sorted out (=skinned), the food processor or blender will basically do the job for you. My whipped Nutella is also healthier. You won’t need any additional oil and there are no artificial flavors or other nasties added. You can alter the chocolate to your preference and could even try to make a dairy-free version, using dark chocolate. 

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