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Christmas/ Sweets

Eggnog Cake Balls

eggnog cake balls

Maybe you have already guessed from my previous post what this year’s Christmas recipes could be? Starbucks brought back four Christmas beverages this season and I wanted to create a cake recipe for each Red Cup flavor. To make it more fun and festive, I created a cake ball recipe so you can eat and enjoy your favorite Starbucks flavor with your coffee at home.

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Beverages/ Christmas

Spiced Mocha Latte

spiced mocha latte

The idea for a Spiced Mocha Latte came to me as I was reading that Nespresso is hosting a contest. Last week the ingredient of choice was chocolate, along coffee and milk. Instead of a regular mocha, I wanted to created an aromatic, spice-infused version that will warm you up from the inside. My spices of choice were cardamon, cloves and cinnamon, making my home smell like Christmas! In my opionion it’s never too early for that ;)

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