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Summer Vibes

May 30, 2016
tchibo sport bikini

This past week has been a whirlwind of beautiful events. We had our civil ceremony in Reichenau, a day later my friends surprised with the best bachelorette party (not very traditional to do it after the wedding, but sometimes you can’t plan everything) and then we escaped to the breathtaking Amalfi Coast for a mini honeymoon. Continue Reading…


Coffee break with Cafissimo + Giveaway

May 15, 2016
coffee break

There is nothing better than overcoming that midday slump with a delicious cup of coffee. I prefer drinking coffee in the afternoon. It improves my focus and makes me feel ready to tackle the next tasks. I’m not really a morning coffee drinker, except when I’m on vacation, but then again I don’t wake up very early when I’m on vacation ;) Continue Reading…

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Quinoa Breakfast Bowl

May 5, 2016
quinoa breakfast bowl

Have you ever tried quinoa for breakfast? It is a great alternative to oatmeal and just as easy to make.  Quinoa is really versatile and is not only a healthy dinner option but can also be enjoyed sweet. It is also packed with lots of fiber and protein to jump start your day with super foods. It is a real breakfast of champions! Continue Reading…

Breakfast, Gluten-free, Healthy, Recipes, Vegan

Healthy Chocolate Granola

April 20, 2016
healthy chocolate granola

Remember those not so healthy chocolate cereals that would magically turn your milk into a delicious, chocolaty pool of goodness. Delicious but probably not the healthiest breakfast option and not very lasting. To jump start my day, I created a healthy chocolate granola that reminds me of those sinful childhood days, but that is actually packed with healthy superfoods from Alnatura and keeps me full longer. Continue Reading…

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Lemon Poppyseed Cakes

March 14, 2016
lemon poppyseed cakes

Easter is just around the corner and while I love a simple carrot cake for Easter brunch, this year I want to make something less traditional and extra special: Mini tiered cakes made of a lemon poppyseed batter, covered in a simple lemon-sugar icing. May sound complicated, but they are much easier to make than you think ;) Continue Reading…

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Brownie Raspberry Tart for 2

February 13, 2016
brownie raspberry tart

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and my favorite gifts to give (and to get) are the homemade kind, with lots of chocolate! ;) I already baked these chocolate raspberry tarts five times this week and have been giving them away as sweet Valentine’s Day treats to loved ones. They have been a huge hit and I didn’t want to deprive you of these glorious tarts.  Continue Reading…