Winter Wonderland

So, it snowed in London… a lot! We decided to brave the weather and took a stroll in Regent’s Park.


I was bundled up and thanks to my Hunter’s my feet stayed dried! :D They were the best ‘investment’ I’ve made when coming to London the first time a few years ago.



Red-nosed girl, but happy :)


My parents were supposed to come this weekend but because it snowed so much in Vienna as well, they weren’t able to fly out. My mom really wanted to come so she managed to get on a later flight and my dad got here the next day. I’m excited to spend some days with them and show them around!

As I’m writing this, it is still snowing… As fun as the snow has been, it hasn’t stopped for the last few days and to be honest I’m already fed up with it :( When it snows in London, everything stops as the city is unable to cope and everyone goes into hibernation, haha :)

I’m ready for spring!!

Xo Vicki


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