Hermès Festival des Métiers

With ‘Festival des Métiers’, Hermès is granting its visitors behind the scenes demonstrations of its fine craftsmanship. Visitors can walk around the different stations, interact with the craftsmen and see iconic Hermès objects such as handbags, fine jewelry, watches and silk scarves, while Hermès’ artisans are revealing the unique crafts of the luxury house.


IMG_0744 The different steps of painting a porcelain ashtray.

IMG_0745 The Twin-Set Linker incorporates silk prints with different materials and created these beautiful pieces.


IMG_0754 The station showcasing the printing of the famous Hermès silk scarves was the most popular attraction! I would have loved to see the whole process but it was pretty hard to get a peak.

IMG_0760 I managed to work my way through to get a quick glimpse of what was happening.

It is a very long and precise process, it takes hours as each layer of color has to dry before applying the next one.


The silk scarves beautifully displayed, all in Hermès’ signature orange.



The process of sewing beautiful ties, by hand of course.


The gem setter working on a ‘collier de chien’.

IMG_0768 The ‘Maroquinier’ or leather worker demonstrating how a Birkin is made. This was my favorite part! I could have watched for hours. All Hermès bags are hand-stitched and it takes up to 48 hours to create a Birkin. I guess that may explain the price.

IMG_0742 This bag is just a dream!


Another ‘Maroquinier’ working on a Kelly bag.



It was very impressive to experience the unique crafts of Hermès. I would have preferred to see more of the silk printing, but it was just too crowded. I had seen the making of ties and handbags before in one of their stores and for me it seemed more authentic as it was focused for a much smaller audience. Nevertheless, I would recommend checking out the exhibition if you have the chance and are a Hermès lover. It was very impressive to experience the unique crafts of Hermès and see the hard work and art behind these beautiful, iconic pieces. The exhibition runs until 27 May at the Saatchi Gallery.

After dragging my boyfriend through all the stations, we were both ready for some food. Luckily it was Saturday which meant that the Partridges food market was in full swing, just steps away from the Saatchi Gallery.


IMG_0778 So many yummy things to choose from…




I went for the burger, no surprise there.



The burger was as good as always, but they changed the bun, which I didn’t like…

IMG_0791 We washed it down with some nice, refreshing Aranciata.

Xo Vicki

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