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Kobe beef burger – Kobeyaki

Even though this happened a few weeks ago, I just had to share with you this delicious burger experience.

While I was in New York, I was introduced to this amazing Japanese fast food restaurant, called Kobeyaki in Chelsea. I loved it so much that I went there for a second time within a week. Yes, it was that good! I got the Kobe beef burger twice! Say what? Yeah exactly: kobe beef in a burger bun, topped with teriyaki ketchup (and some greens). It doesn’t get better than that! I also tried the teriyaki grilled shrimp bowl, which was delicious as well. But this burger… Oh my! Definitely going in my personal ‘Burger Hall of Fame’.

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My week in New York

Before Christmas I was really excited to spend a week in my favorite city, New York. I loved experiencing my first Thanksgiving dinner, being right in the middle of the Black Friday madness and getting in the Christmas spirit in the city where there is the biggest Christmas tree.

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