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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother's day gift ideas

Mom, if you are reading this (which I know you are), turn off your computer NOW! I know you don’t want me to get you anything for Mother’s Day, but I will do it anyways!

My mom does not believe in celebrating a holiday, forced upon us by flower and beauty shops. She always says that to her every day is Mother’s Day. I, on the other hand, like to spoil my lovely mommy once in a while!

If you are lacking gift ideas this year, here are some inspirations for you: Gifts for the loving mother who is fabulous and has everything! ;)

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Red Roses – Jo Malone

Red Roses Jo Malone

Shopping at Jo Malone or just going for a sniff of their fragrances is a thing I always do with my mom. And not because she is the one paying! :P No to me it is our little thing. As soon as we step into the Jo Malone section of the department store (we don’t have a stand alone Jo Malone store here in Vienna) we leave all our troubles, stress and everything else from the outside world at the ‘door’ and step into this neat and relaxing little Wonderland of Beauty.

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Rose Water & Vanilla Cologne – Jo Malone

I hope you all survived the festivities! :)

A little while ago, my mom and I finally managed to find time to get a complimentary hand and arm massage at Jo Malone (I had received the invitation for my birthday in January). I took my mom with me for an afternoon of scent consultation and pampering with champagne. It was pure bliss and we both enjoyed it a lot! It was really nice to relax and be able to try all different kinds of perfumes and body crèmes. It was also interesting to learn about layering different Jo Malone fragrances. For my left arm I chose Black Bay body crème with Orange Blossom perfume and for my right arm, I tried Blue Agave body crème with Jasmine & Mint perfume. I really liked the combination on my right arm, the left one was a bit too fruity for my taste.

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