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Organic burgers in Salzburg

Bio Burgermeister

In the historic district of Salzburg there is a little place that is dedicated to making delicious organic burgers. The ‘Bio Burger Meister’ or the masters of making organic burgers, is a certified organic restaurant. The menu offers an impressive array of freshly prepared burgers. Well-known burgers, such as a classic Cheeseburger can be found as well as more exotic burger options such as the ‘BioKahuna Burger’. The ‘BioBurger Meister’ also offer a vast range of vegetarian options, and even two vegan burgers.

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My boyfriend and I are on our way to Tuscany for vacation. As it is quite a long drive from Vienna we had an overnight stop in Cittadella yesterday. Cittadella is a small town situated in the province of Padua.

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