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Potato Flammkuchen

potato flammkuchen

Today I have a savory recipe for a change. Flammkuchen is a thin pizza-like crust, usually spread with crème fraîche and topped with bacon and onions. It is delicious and great to get creative and use any leftovers, that are sitting in the fridge. For me that meant potatoes, prosciutto, and a lighter but equally creamy sauce made with greek yogurt, sour cream and low fat curd cheese.

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Christmas/ Restaurants/ Savory

Leftover turkey sandwich

Last week I had the best sandwich in London. I was strolling with my boyfriend around Covent Garden where we saw the most appealing hot turkey sandwich at Benugo. We simply couldn’t resist an early Christmas dinner ;) It was spicy from the mustard and sweet from the cranberry sauce. In the middle, there was succulent turkey breast which was still warm on a bed of fresh salad and crispy bacon. I immediately fell in love :)

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