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Pumpkin Pie with Marzipan

pumpkin pie with marzipan

I had my first pumpin pie last year in New York at my very first Thanksgiving dinner. Since then I wanted to recreate my own. With pumpkin season finally upon us, it seemed perfect to create my own pumpkin pie recipe and giving a beloved classic a little twist: Pumpkin Pie with Marzipan!

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Crazy for Capes

As my mom always says “A cape is the most impractical piece of clothing I can think of”. I mean it is true it won’t keep you warm when it is really cold, when it is windy (as it is mostly here in London) you will feel the fresh breeze as it is pretty much permeable to air. It is more of that piece that one wears on these rare, very warm autumn days. Nevertheless, my mind is set on getting a cape this year. Sorry, mom!

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