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Tropical Kitchen – Pineapple Crush

tropical kitchen pineapple crush One of the few sales I really look forward to each year is Anthropologie’s homeware sale, especially their kitchen items. I get weak when I spot those beautiful kitchen towels 50% off, even though I know that I will never use them because they are too pretty to get dirty! Hi, my name is Vicki and I am kitchen towel hoarder.. I can already hear my fiancé sigh when the package arrives and he asks me if we can actually use them. Ha, that’s a good one, babe! Continue Reading…


Massimo Dutti Sale – Fall in August?

massimo dutti sale

The recent changes in weather make it seem that summer has already said goodbye to us. Thankfully I still have my summer vacation to look forward to (more on that soon).

This year (like every year!) I found some great pieces from Massimo Dutti’s summer sale. They are not your typical summer purchases, like a jumpsuit or a bikini, but I am positive that they will accompany me throughout the Fall season as well. 

Continue Reading…