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Tropical Kitchen – Pineapple Crush

tropical kitchen pineapple crush One of the few sales I really look forward to each year is Anthropologie’s homeware sale, especially their kitchen items. I get weak when I spot those beautiful kitchen towels 50% off, even though I know that I will never use them because they are too pretty to get dirty! Hi, my name is Vicki and I am kitchen towel hoarder.. I can already hear my fiancé sigh when the package arrives and he asks me if we can actually use them. Ha, that’s a good one, babe! Continue Reading…

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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother's day gift ideas

Mom, if you are reading this (which I know you are), turn off your computer NOW! I know you don’t want me to get you anything for Mother’s Day, but I will do it anyways!

My mom does not believe in celebrating a holiday, forced upon us by flower and beauty shops. She always says that to her every day is Mother’s Day. I, on the other hand, like to spoil my lovely mommy once in a while!

If you are lacking gift ideas this year, here are some inspirations for you: Gifts for the loving mother who is fabulous and has everything! ;)

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