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‘The Yule Monty’ Soap & Glory Gift Set

I love Soap & Glory! I fell in love with their products about a year ago when I purchased one of their gift sets at Douglas. The packaging made me buy it as it just looked so pretty and pink!

This year Soap & Glory came out with the ‘Yule Monty’ gift set. It is THE ultimate Soap & Glory gift set. The biggest and most expensive one you could get this year. But Christmas came a little earlier when Boots offered it for less than half the original price (for £27, normally it is £60) just one week before Christmas.

Luckily I was in London at that time and treated myself to an early Christmas present :) The gift set was stuffed with nine full-size Soap & Glory products in a beautiful toiletry bag designed by Jonathan Saunders. I didn’t know most of the products and was really excited to try them out.


The Soap & Glory’s ‘The Yule Monty’ Gift Set contains:

  • Hand Food™ Hand Cream

I love this hand cream, it smells very sweet like cotton candy (or marshmallows as it says on the bottle). The consistency is thick and creamy and the cream is very hydrating and absorbs quickly. I never had a full-size of this hand cream but always kept the 50ml version either in my handbag or on my bedside table. 

  • Sugar Crush™ Body Wash

I really like how this body wash feels on the skin, it lathers up nicely and leaves my skin hydrated. The smell however is too fruity for my taste, it smells like lime and kiwis. Because of the smell I prefer Soap & Glory’s ‘Clean on me’.

  • The Righteous Butter™ Body Butter

It is a thick body butter that smells just like Hand Food™. It is very hydrating and makes your skin feel super soft. I had this body butter before and loved using it when I have more time to pamper myself, after having taken a bath. 

  • Peaches And Clean™ Deep Purifying Cleanser 

I really wanted to love this product. It smells delicious (like peaches), not too overpowering, has a thick, creamy consistency (does not foam) and leaves my skin feeling clean but not dry at all. Unfortunately, my skin doesn’t like the product. I have very sensitive skin and this cleanser makes me break out and I get red dots whenever I use it :( My boyfriend however loves using it in the shower.

  • Heel Genius™ Foot Cream 

It is more of a gel formula and has a light blue color to it. It smells minty. If I want to pamper my feet I use it before going to bed with socks. I find that it does not absorb as quickly as the hand cream does.

  • Butter Yoursefl™ Moisture Lotion

This also has a very fruity smell, it smells of oranges and figs. This moisturizer comes in a pump which I love and has quite a thick consistency. I would say it feels more like a body cream than a lotion. It does absorb very quickly into the skin. This again is a bit too fruity for my taste. If you like fig fragrances however, you will love this one. 

  • The Scrub Of Your Life™ Body Buffer

I love using this in combination with The Righteous Butter™ Body Butter, it leaves my skin buttery soft and smells amazing (just like The Righteous Butter™ Body Butter).

  • Thick & Fast™ Super Volume Mascara

I was really excited that two make up products were included in the gift set. I had only tried Soap & Glory lip products before and loved trying out their mascara.


I didn’t find that the mascara was giving my lashes ‘super volume’, in my opinion it is great for a more natural look. I would say that it did lengthen my lashes more than it gave them volume. It doesn’t clump though and separates the lashes nicely (see pictures below). I wouldn’t call it my new favorite  mascara but I like it and it does last all day. I think it is decently priced at £10 for 10 ml.

  • Sexy Mother Pucker™ XL in Pink Out Loud

I like that tingly feeling Soap & glory lip glosses give you when you apply them. Ever since using Carmex lip balms I loved that tingling sensation and became addicted to it.  Soap & Glory lip glosses, however, put that feeling to a whole new level! They give your lips a stingy, tingly almost vibrating sensation. The Sexy Mother Pucker™ XL lip plumper comes in a tube and is very easy to apply on the go without a mirror. It gives a very shiny finish to your lips and lasts for a long time (not the tingling sensation though). I really like that it is not sticky and quite hydrating for a gloss. I find that the smell is difficult to describe, definitely sweeter, like vanilla. The color is a very sheer light pink. It enhances your natural lip color nicely and looks great over nude lip sticks (worn on its own in the pictures below).

I didn’t really see much of a difference in terms of my lips looking fuller. You definitely won’t be getting Angelina Jolie lips from this lip plumper ;) Nevertheless, I would definitely will repurchase it and recommend it if you like a shiny lipgloss that tingles.



What is your favorite Soap & Glory product? I would love to try more of their makeup products, please let me know if you have any suggestions!


Xo Vicki


UPDATE: The Thick & Fast™ Super Volume Mascara has become one of my favorite mascaras. I wasn’t that impressed with it at first, maybe I was expecting too much from it because of the name?! But I have come to love it over the past month! A lot of mascaras start itching me after a few hours but with Soap & Glory’s mascara I was pleasantly surprised. I even gave it to my mom to test it as she was attending a ball. She is extremely picky with mascaras as she normally can’t stand the itching after a few hours. But this one passed the ultimate test! No itching or smudging all night long! :)

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