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Tiger Haul

tiger haul

While I was in London I did a tiny bit of shopping and one of my favorite shops to check out is Tiger. If you don’t know what Tiger is, it is a Danish store offering all kinds of unnecessary bits and bobs. They sell everything from stationary to home- and kitchenware to food. Some of it is practical, must of the items are just fun.

So here are the things I got:

Tiger Haul

1. Ribbons for gift wrapping. You can never have enough ribbons and look at these gorgeous pastel colors! I believe they were £1 each.

2. Mega Paper Clips. To be honest I don’t know how I have previously survived without them! For size reference, they are almost as big as my phone.

3. Paper straws. Cute.

4. Notebooks. I have a problem.. I keep buying notebooks and never use them because I don’t want to ‘waste’ them with my unorganized scribbling.

tiger haul 5. Heart boxes. For homemade goodies or a nice way to wrap presents.

6. Popcorn boxes. I don’t really eat popcorn at home, like ever. But maybe I will come up with some other uses for these.

Tiger haul You see I only got the essentials I couldn’t possibly live without! ;)

If you have never been to Tiger and like Ikea’s wrapping/ribbons sections definitely check it out. They have funky stationary that make great gifts and cute things for the home. And most of the things are quite cheap! Unfortunately they don’t have any stores in Austria, yet :(

Please comment below if you know of any similar stores, especially in Austria. I need to replenish my notebook stock ;)

Have a great Monday! 

Xo Vicki

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