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Rose Water & Vanilla Cologne – Jo Malone

I hope you all survived the festivities! :)

A little while ago, my mom and I finally managed to find time to get a complimentary hand and arm massage at Jo Malone (I had received the invitation for my birthday in January). I took my mom with me for an afternoon of scent consultation and pampering with champagne. It was pure bliss and we both enjoyed it a lot! It was really nice to relax and be able to try all different kinds of perfumes and body crèmes. It was also interesting to learn about layering different Jo Malone fragrances. For my left arm I chose Black Bay body crème with Orange Blossom perfume and for my right arm, I tried Blue Agave body crème with Jasmine & Mint perfume. I really liked the combination on my right arm, the left one was a bit too fruity for my taste.

I also really liked that the sales assistants don’t pressure you into buying anything. That being said, my mom and I didn’t leave the store empty-handed ;) My mom got the Black Bay body crème and I bought the Rose Water & Vanilla perfume from the intense collection. As a birthday surprise I received a miniature version of the Lime Basil and Mandarin cologne. I think I will save this one for summer as it has a very citrusy and fresh smell.

My mom and I decided to save the presents we got for ourselves to put under the Christmas tree.



I love the Christmas packaging Jo Malone does. I also like that the packaging is the same for all their scents, same bottle and same label, as it doesn’t distract from the scent (apart from the black bottles for the intense collection). 





I had smelled the Rose Water & Vanilla a few weeks before as I was passing Douglas but wasn’t sure if the scent would be too sweet and powdery for me. When I found the little perfume strip in my coat again and smelled it, it was divine. I knew I had to get it! Once I’ve heard that the fragrance will be discontinued (it might come back though) I had to get my hands on one of their last bottles.

Rose Water and Vanilla is a sweet, powdery and slightly rose-scented fragrance with a woody undertone. It is a very unique scent, delicious and very addictive. I have never owned a perfume like this one before. It is rich and lasts for a very long time. 

If you have never been to Jo Malone you should definitely check it out, the stores are beautiful and the sales assistants are always friendly and really helpful. Jo Malone products make luxurious gifts. I’m always very excited when I get a little package from there :)

Jo Malone fragrances are definitely an investment at €115 for 100ml (for the intense collection), but the sales assistants are always happy to give you a sample if you are not sure if the scent is right for you.


Rose Water & Vanilla is definitely one of my new favorite perfumes! It smells amazing and I can’t stop smelling it :)

What was your favorite Christmas present?

Xo Vicki 

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