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Red Roses – Jo Malone

Red Roses Jo Malone

Shopping at Jo Malone or just going for a sniff of their fragrances is a thing I always do with my mom. And not because she is the one paying! :P No to me it is our little thing. As soon as we step into the Jo Malone section of the department store (we don’t have a stand alone Jo Malone store here in Vienna) we leave all our troubles, stress and everything else from the outside world at the ‘door’ and step into this neat and relaxing little Wonderland of Beauty.

Red Roses Jo Malone As you can see I have gathered quite the collection over the years! :) I should add that the boxes do not only belong to me, I also borrowed some from my mom’s collection. It makes quite the ‘Tower of Beauty’.

I know that Jo Malone is all the hype at the moment and everyone wants to get their hands on their newest cologne as soon as it comes out, but take a minute to actually enjoy the whole experience that the British brand offers you. The ambiance of the store has a very soothing, relaxing appeal. Everything looks neat, a pure, light (cream-colored) background and clear or black perfume bottles. The sales assistants are always hands on, very welcoming, helpful and nice! Maybe it seems obvious to point that out but I feel that in a lot of high-end stores nowadays (I feel old just writing it!) the service is not their priority anymore and I sometimes feel more like an intruder than a welcomed customer. 

Once you have indulged in all their beautiful fragrances, feel befuddled from the lovely smells (in a totally good way) and you have finally decided what to treat yourself or a loved one with, your selected goodies will be put in a beautiful little, cream-colored box and wrapped with their signature black bow.

 Just walking out with my shopping bag in hand makes me happy and giggly! :)

Red Roses Jo Malone

Now to the actual goodies we treated ourselves to on this lovely afternoon. You may be able to spot a theme on this blog and may detect a slight obsession with rose fragrances (Velvet Rose and OudRose Water and Vanilla). But what was still missing in my collection was a classic, light and summery rose fragrance. And Red Roses from Jo Malone was exactly what was ‘missing’. It smells heavenly like a rose garden, very pure and feminine.

Red Roses Jo Malone

Red Roses Jo Malone

The primary notes in this cologne are, how else could it be, roses. It is a powerful rose fragrance, it captures red roses to the best. I don’t know how else to describe it but if you like a ‘simple’ rose fragrance this will definitely be the one for you! Red Roses captures sticking your nose in a bouquet of fresh roses perfectly. What makes Red Roses my current rose favorite, is that it lasts so much longer than any other rose perfume that has roses as a primary note. This is also how I justify the price to myself!

Red Roses Jo Malone

After all this praise here are some words of wisdom to end this post:

“Rose is a rose is a rose is a rose.”

Gertrude Stein


Red Roses Jo Malone P.S. If you are still on the hunt, this will make for a great Mother’s Day gift. I know my mommy would prefer Jo Malone to a real bouquet of roses! ;) 


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post (I wish!), it is simply intended to reflect my passion and love for the brand.

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    May 7, 2014 at 7:46 pm

    Amazing pictures! I love red roses!

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