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Christmassy Lush Haul

I’m still feeling the Christmas spirit at least when I’m taking my baths! :D 


I was so happy when I still found some Lush goodies from their Christmas collection on sale! It has been a long time since I’ve treated myself to Lush products. Lush bath bombs are quite addictive but also pricy, and it is quite hard to restrain yourself when everyone is raving about them online. You can guess my excitement when I found some of their bath bombs 50% off.

These are the bath bombs I found on sale:

Snowman Bath Bomb


The snowman definitely looks prettier on the website. The bath bomb is very rich because of the cocoa butter and smells divine like vanilla. It is perfect for winter when your skin is more on the dry side and you want an ‘oily’ bath. This bath bomb leaves your skin felling super soft and nourished. It turned the water a light red/pink, the color of the snowman’ s scarf. I was a bit disappointed how fast the snowman dissolved in the bathwater. I would definitely repurchase this one because it smelled so nice.

Secret Santa Bath Bomb


The little house (modeled after the first Lush shop) actually contains three bath bombs. Break it in half and you will find a third bath bomb inside, which is supposed to look like Santa. To me it just looked like a red miniature bath bomb. Lush did a great job at recreating the scent of the Lush shops. The scent isn’t as strong in the bath though, which I think is a good thing. I did find it quite hard to break the bath bomb in half and ended up with lots of tiny pieces. I wouldn’t pay full price for this bath bomb because it is expensive even for multiple uses and it got quite messy breaking it apart.

Secret Garden Bath Bomb


For this bath bomb I didn’t really get why it was in the Christmas sale, it didn’t look very Christmassy to me. But I’m not complaining if I can get it 50% off ;)

The ‘Secret Garden’ has a lovely floral scent to it. It smells like a fresh bouquet of roses. Once the bath bomb dissolves under running water it looks like a beautiful painting. It turns your bathwater into a vibrant green and pink. Inside the bath bomb is bursting flower petals, making your bath quite an experience. 


I found that Lush used to be a lot more generous with giving out samples. I only received a tiny sample from their bubble gum lip scrub after asking for one..

What are your favorite Lush products? Did you have a favorite from their Christmas collection?

Xo Vicki

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